Quartzite As Flooring Material

Originally a sandstone, quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock. This material is often bewildered with quartz, but it’s distinct from each other as quartzite is a stone occurring naturally that is quarried in the same way to granite.

Sandstone is reworked into quartzite which is an extremely solid and durable natural stone with a high heating and pressurization procedure. In high heat, the single quartz pieces recrystallize and the quartzite tiles often have a sparkling texture. It is an ideal material for flooring applications because it has an incredible strength. Maintenance is simple for quartzite tiles and is an environmentally sentient flooring choice.

There are various reasons why you may want to assess it as a surface in your home. Here are some benefits and drawbacks.



In any natural stone surface, most people look for durability. Quartzite won’t wear down or develop problems in the short term as it tends toward the hard side of the natural stone.

Simple Maintenance Requirement

A simple cleaning is what quartzite needs. To keep the surface clean, a simple soap and warm water will do the works. You’ll probably need to clean up spills fairly quickly is the only thing to consider for this material but most of us do that swiftly anyway.

Marble Features

You’ll appreciate quartzite if you like to have a marble look. The material has the essence of marble, but it’s uncomplicated to take care. This is a great substitute if maintenance is a matter that keeps you from using marble.

Resistant to UV

A quartzite is a fantastic option if you’re using it in an outdoor setting or in a room that gets tons of direct, natural light because it is highly resistant to UV rays. For fading issues, it won’t’ be your problem.


Comes in Few Color Options

Quartzite is restricted to the kinds of colors that you can select from because it’s a naturally occurring stone. Quartzite offers a little, but not much vivid selections if you’re looking for more color in your flooring.

Can’t Stand Sharp Objects

Quartzite is not your material if you have almost all sharp objects at home. When used directly on it or even it only falls off, any pointed object like a knife, high heeled shoes even your pet’s nails will mark this surface up.

Sealing Requirement

Sealing quartzite must be done on yearly basis but there are some varieties that need more often. This is one factor that needs to consider if you opt to use this material for flooring.