Marquetry Flooring

Out of carefully fitted pieces of thin wood, marquetry is the art of creating designs and pictures. Craft experts create elaborate designs and pictures using only the variety of colors and grains that exist in different wood species with use of precise cut pieces that fit together perfectly.

Marquetry works on oak wood and walnut wood and many of the wood species but also depends on other materials like ivory, nacre, stone, gems, and many others. During yesteryears, the cutting and shaping process of the wood needs incredible skill and a steady hand. In the present time, thanks to modern technologies as it significantly eased the process but still, the sign of luxury continue to exist.


It often generates confusion for the definition of marquetry and inlay.  Because each individual component can be said to be inlaid into each other, all marquetry can be illustrated as inlay. Contrarily, it can never be established as marquetry for true inlay. This is because it consists of segments in a space hewed first into the solid ground to be then occupied with a piece cut to fit.

Marquetry and Parquetry: What’s the Difference?

For parquetry, it consists of the creation of a certain image by arranging wooden blocks or strips in a certain geometrical pattern. For marquetry, it is the application of a veneer to an already existing surface while parquets are actually forming such surface.  Parquets are entirely made of it, even the engineered one’s while the image created with marquetry can also be complemented by materials different from wood.

The term parquetry is not used for flooring exclusively but in furnishing as well which we must also not forget. Both marquetry and parquetry are a type of veneering as far as furnishing is concerned. Parquet veneers create geometric patterns while marquetry makes figural patterns is the distinction between those two.


Marquetry Use in Flooring

As an accent to the dimensions of a room is what marquetry can be used for. Laying a marquetry border around the edges of a room is an example of its usage or in completely decorative ways like wrapping the whole flooring with geometric patterns.