Eco-Friendly Roof Ideas

We have reached an era where we are constantly being reminded about how the environment is changing for the worse. The whole world is shouting out chants of “Go Green” and it is quite the trend right now. When it comes to rooftops, they lay dormant with potential space for multiple purposes. The usual asphalt rooftop is a wide space being wasted along with trapping heat, which in warmer places, become an issue of its own and should be countered with a cooling system that in return harms the environment.

Here are a few good ideas for eco-friendly rooftops that you can utilize and benefit yourself including the environment where we live.

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Vegetated rooftops are a growing trend around the world when it comes to being eco-friendly. It is done so by layering the rooftop with soil and cultivating plants on them as you reap the benefits of in many ways. Firstly, it cuts down on the heat absorption, therefore, turning down the temperature of your house while adding a sense of aesthetics to your property. Vegetated rooftops also offer your own garden naturally sustained by the environment while answering the calls of every environmentalist on planting more trees. Vegetated rooftops can be integrated with perfect plants, which the services offered also provide you with a professional horticulturist who provides you with the perfect plants which are indigenous to your region, so your maintenance time spent on the plants is saved. Vegetated rooftops also offer proper engineered soil that provides a light, sturdy and fertile composition of soil beneficial for your plants, the roof, and its durability in rough weather.

Solar cells rooftops have been very popular in places like Australia but they take up a lot of space while also turning the outlook more obnoxious. Being an aesthetic can be acquired with building integrated photovoltaic solar cells, which are thin films and can be laid on rooftops for better efficiency. Further research has enabled the use of transparent cells to harness the power of the sun and turn your property more attractive to onlookers. These are solar panels thin enough for light to pass through and are usually colored to give you the feel of Roman colored glass windows and roofs.

Aesthetic, eco-friendly and energy-saving light pipes are a new solution for going green rooftops. This technology harnesses the light of the sun, captured in giant bubble contraptions on the roof, which is then transferred down tubes into the building to provide lighting solutions. The light pipe can provide adequate lighting during the day enough to switch off most of the artificial lighting to save energy, and on overcast days compensate that with fluorescent lights inside the tubes controlled by sensors.

Cool Roofs are popular new alternative roof ideas to asphalt roofs. The popularity grows due to its cooling capability has its composition of white gravel and glue which reflect off sunlight to keep the building cool.


For cooler regions, the cool roof technology is integrated to turn black in cold temperatures to red then provide heating for the building by absorbing sunlight during summers.